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K-4 Classroom

Preschool children need a creative, active, and stimulating environment in which to learn and grow. That is just what they'll get at StarShine with our wonderful teachers! Our primary objective for our K-4 students is to prepare them for Kindergarten.


Students continue to develop fine motor skills in the K-4 Classroom with an emphasis on handwriting the correct formation of letters, including writing their own first and last names. Gross motor skills are practiced daily through indoor and outdoor play, as well as teacher planned and directed activities. Our teachers provide excellent math curriculum including counting to 30, number recognition to 20, calendar skills, patterning, graphing, sequencing, sorting, and simple addition. Building and Home Living Centers provide children with hands-on learning and play.


Daily Reports and Weekly Lesson Plans will help keep you informed of your child's development, but we also have an Open Door Policy and welcome parents to visit or call anytime throughout the day.


Our loving, well-trained staff recognizes that each child is unique and that it is vital to each child's development to receive lots of love and attention. It is our belief that when parents and teachers work together the children can only benefit.

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