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Newborns & Infants

We know the importance of loving and nurturing when it comes to babies. Infants as young as six weeks old are surrounded with stimulating, hands-on play in a room designed for growth and discovery. Educational and developmentally appropriate toys in bright colors and different textures will fascinate your child as they grow and learn. Your baby will enjoy each day filled with singing, reading, playing and resting in our Newborn and Infant Rooms.

Our Newborn Room offers a 5:1 ratio, which allows the teachers to provide plenty of love, hugs, and personal attention throughout the day. Each baby has his/her own crib and sheets that are cleaned and sanitized daily.


Detailed Daily Reports will help keep you informed of your child's development, but we also have an Open Door Policy and welcome parents to visit or call anytime throughout the day.


Our loving, well-trained staff recognizes that each child is unique and that it is vital to each child's development to receive lots of love and attention. It is our belief that when parents and teachers work together the children can only benefit.

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